Regional Gathering – Snowball L

CNJM’s Regional Gathering

March 2024

Central New Jersey Mensa’s Snowball RG is back in person – bigger and better than ever!

Join friends new and old at the APA Hotel Woodbridge – the same great venue where Snowball was held the past few years (well, before, you know, the world got upended in 2021-22).

What’s New?

· All meals are included in the registration fee, from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast!

· We’ll have a bartender available to serve us.

· “Non-hotel food” that will delight your senses, including a “build-your-own” sandwich bar

What’s Staying the Same?

· Our amazing breakfast buffet, featuring bagels and lox

· Snowball’s legendary hospitality, speakers and game room

· Your chance to mingle with Mensans from near and far

To register, and for more details:…/snowball-2023-tickets…

Don’t miss Mensa’s longest-running annual RG!

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