Central New Jersey Mensa Standing Orders

Standing Order
CNJ Mensa is Proctor of Record.
The Chairman will announce the vote count on all votes.
No one shall be appointed to any office unless they state a willingness to accept the office and an understanding of the obligations, duties, and responsibilities of the office. If the candidate is not present at the Executive Board meeting, a written statement of candidacy will be accepted only if the Executive Board is convinced that the candidate is not only willing to accept the appointment, but will carry out the obligations, duties and responsibilities of the office. No candidate will be appointed in their absence without a written statement of candidacy.
CNJM fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.
The Treasurer is authorized to prepay postal expenses for the newsletter.
The following Fiscal Accountability Rules will be followed.
  • No funds shall be paid in advance unless specifically authorized by the Executive Board.
  • The Treasurer shall pay expenses only upon receipt of appropriate documentation for expenses incurred in connection with CNJ Mensa duties.
  • Except for paid ads, Forvm shall not promote any event, which generates or has the appearance of generating a profit for any individual or for any group other than an official Mensa group. (An "official Mensa group" is defined as any local Mensa chapter recognized by American Mensa, Mensa International, and MERF.)
Proctors will be reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS allotted rate and any other actual testing expenses.

April 2008

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