2018 Program

This is what we did last year! 2019's program will be posted when available (usually in February).

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Friday, March 2, 2018
6:30 PM - 7:50 PM
The Science of the Low-Carb Diet: How carbohydrates destroy our health, and how we can get it back .........................Pamela Smith...........................Room 209

Pamela Smith is not a traditional food expert, but when her own health necessitated a drastic change, she sought out all the information and medical assistance available to become one. Much of the most vital knowledge on how our bodies process and use their food has been and remains obscured by decades of marketing and special-interest driven messages designed more for profits than for wellness; she's determined to help others and herself live better and eat better, not through dieting but through a deeper understanding of what choices they can make.

The presentation breaks down prevalent myths surrounding nutrition, explaining where they've steered people wrong and what changes can be made to correct existing metabolic damage. Attendees will become better equipped to make healthy choices for themselves, helping them to feel better and live better.

7:30 PM - 8:50 PM
Locksmithing......Don Jacobs.......Room 206

You read it right. Don has taught a number of subjects over the years, not just dancing. One of the other subjects he’s taught is locksmithing. At this event he will discuss the different types of locks, cylinders and keys, what make s keys work/not work and master keying. Don started locksmithing in 1970 in New York and has practiced it on and off over the years. He’s also licensed and taught the subject for Local 74 of the SEIU from 1986 through 2008 (22 years).

7:30 PM - 9:20 PM
Monster Trivia...........Josh Fishkind......................Room 208
For the thirty-third consecutive year, trivia maven and erstwhile CNJM member (now of Florida) Don Richmond presents us with a fiendish challenge. Teams of two will work together to find the answer to fifty diabolical questions. In most years, simply scoring in the thirties was enough to win. Come see if you can do better. It will be presided over by Josh Fishkind.
8:30 PM – 10:20 PM
Magical Music for Mensans..........Don Slepian............Room 209
As he has for so many years at Snowball, Don will be presenting his music for the evening, on the keyboard instrument he has created. He has many moods and modes to show off and you, his audience, always enjoy interacting with him and his music.
9:00 PM - 9:30 PM
GenY Meet and Greet.................................Room 206
If you were born in the 1980s or 1990s, and consider yourself part of “Generation Y,” “Generation Me,” “Echo Boomers,” or the “Peter Pan Generation,” come meet your fellow Mensans.
9:30 PM
SPECIAL EVENT: FASCINATOR FRIDAY................................Hospitality

We'd like to invite you to fascinate your fellow Snowball attendees at our second Fascinator Friday. A Fascinator is one of those darling, daring (occasionally dreadful) little hats the English are so fond of wearing, especially to special occasions. At the upcoming royal wedding, many of the ladies in attendance will be wearing such fascinators. Most will be small with perhaps flowers, a feather, or a little "bling".

Everyone is welcome to "wear your best" headpiece as you arrive at registration and enter into hospitality and your fun-filled Snowball weekend. This is NOT mandatory! You may participate or not. If you decide to join in the fun, feel free to create your own design. Several people have asked about wearing tiaras. That's fine, but a fascinator usually is a little more about being distinctive and unusual, so allow your Mensa creativity to flow and join in the Fascinator Friday Fun!

At 9:30pm we will have a contest for best fascinator in Hospitality. Please come as a contestant, to help judge, and to cheer on your fellow Ms. Winner will get a special prize.

Saturday, March 3, 2018
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Mensa Testing...............Douglas Mayo..................Room 207
Each year we run a Mensa intelligence test at Snowball. If you know people who may be interested, tell them to get down here. The tests take about two hours. Bring a photo ID and two pencils. Testing fee is $30.00(this test only). The Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test begins at 9:00 AM, and the Culture-Fair test begins at 12:00 PM. Please arrive early to check in and get a seat.
9:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Indian Ocean Trade Routes...........Robin Marion............Room 206
Since the time of the pyramids, the Indian Ocean has been a beehive of trading activity from India through the Middle Eastern country of Oman and to the Eastern coast of Africa where the Swahili civilization developed. Join Robin Marion as she presents her annual slide show, in costume, about this interesting part of the world. Robin is a retired IT professional with interests in archaeology and foreign cultures.
Meditation...............Grandmaster Rengang Wang................Room 209
Grandmaster Rengang Wang has studied martial arts since the age of 7 and is the lineage holder of two styles of kung fu: (1) Dachengquan, an internal style noted for health and self-defense (inherited from Wang Xuanjie), and (2) Northern Plum Blossom Praying Mantis, an explosive external style noted for self-defense and combat (inherited from Hao Wei Zhi. Grandmaster Wang founded International Dachengdao, Inc in 2001, teaches classes, private lessons, and seminars world-wide, judges tournaments, and has been featured in Inside Kungfu Magazine. He lives in Queens, NY and recently became a U.S. citizen December 2017.
10:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Slavery and Afro-American History in New Jersey.................Joan Mysiak..................Room 206
Our Jersey girl Joan Mysiak has been presenting talks about our fair state for years. She started with Natural New Jersey, but has since branched out. This past year, she was walking through her neighborhood when she came across a sign saying, “African Cemetery, founded 1863”. She realized that she knew almost nothing about slavery in her own state. So, of course, she immediately began researching the topic and arranging to take or find photos to illustrate the history in this presentation. And don’t worry, she has bought her own projector to avoid the technical problems of past years.
Gems and Jewelry: A Buyers Guide.............Joe Haber..........Room 208

Joseph Haber is a Graduate Gemologist and a member of the Accredited Gemologists Association. Joe sells gems, jew elry and crystals from his business, “Middle Earth Treasures.” Joe has been intimately involved in the gem and jewelry industry for over forty years and has taught classes in Gem Identification.

This presentation provides an overview of Gems and Jewelry including: terminology, myths & misconceptions, scams, and tips for buying jewelry. Attendees will better understand the Jewelry trade and will have enhanced confidence when purchasing gems and jewelry. At the end of the presentation lecture notes will be distributed.

World Board Game Convention.................Dan Farrow................Room 209

Daniel W. Farrow, IV has been a game player and collector since his early teens. His personal collection numbers over 1200 titles. He has had several articles published in gaming magazines and has helped design or redesign several games in print.

The Boardgame Players Association runs an annual tournament called the World Boardgaming Championships. It features over 100 tournaments with prizes and has been running in one form or another for over 40 years. This talk will cover some of its history and what it is like to attend such an august event.

1:00 PM - 2:20 PM
Computer Security................Curry Bartlett..............Room 206
An amazing number of computers, cell phones, and smart devices are infected with viruses, spyware and Trojans every year. Under the current legal structure the default is: You are responsible for what your computer does. Learn about why this is happening, what it means, and some things you can do to improve your situation. Curry Bartlett has a background in computer security, and operating system development. He has been responsible for the technical aspects of operational security at a site with over 10,000+ computers with internet access, and worked with computer crime investigators.
Cranbury Inn.........................Gay Ingegneri.........Room 208
The Cranbury Inn is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in New Jersey and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. According to Gay, the Cranbury Inn is truly a “Gem in the Crown of New Jersey.” The Cranbury Inn played a role during the American Revolution and was a stop along the “Underground Railroad.” The Cranbury Inn has had many famous visitors and is rumored to have several ghosts in residence, both human and animal. Gay Ingenieri and her husband Tom are the current owners. They consider themselves to be ‘stewards.’ The Cranbury Inn really belongs to ‘the People.’
MIDI Concert...............Steve Winikoff................Room 209
The wind controller (an EWI 4000s) is live; the rest of the ensemble is prerecorded, out of sight but not out of mind (think of it as instrumental karaoke).You'll hear an eclectic mix including Broadway, movie and TV themes, jazz and blues and quite possibly a klezmer tune or two.
6th Annual Operation Happy Sock ......Nick...............Room 210

We’re continuing to honor a beloved Snowball Hospitality organizer with our outpost of “Operation Happy Sock.” As many folks know, Shirley Connell was also devoted to animal rescue, especially cats. Thankfully it has become an annual event. People will be making toys for shelter cats with used socks, stuffing (fiberfill), and catnip. There will be 3 categories of people: those who brought socks and want to make the toys, those who just want to drop off socks and those who want to make toys with others' socks. We will supply the stuffing and catnip. We will have a box at registration for those that want to drop off socks.


2:30 PM - 3:50 PM
Collapsible Bicycle Helmet....................Rachel Benyola....................Room 206

Rachel Benyola, is the founder & CEO of AnneeLondon, a game changer brand with revolutionary products that are stylish, convenient and safe for today's active and recreational cyclists alike. Rachel is the inventor of the first and only modern helmet that' s 70% foldable, stylish and twice as safe. She built the product in response to a close friend losing her eyesight in a bike crash that could have been prevented with a helmet. Rachel is the recipient of the young entrepreneur of the year award and recognized on the alumni 40 under 40 list both from Drexel University. She was recently named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in manufacturing and industry. Rachel earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, her master’s of science in clinical psychology from Chestnut Hill College and her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation management from Drexel University. Aside from her work at AnneeLondon, Rachel is an advisor for female entrepreneurs and an executive coach to senior leaders in retail and fashion in building an entrepreneur mindset within established organizations. Rachel is an active recreational cyclist and invites you to get outside and bike!

In today’s talk, Rachel shares her process of innovation, outlining how she iterated and developed a new helmet technology. Rachel illustrates how using one’s strengths from any background can aid in achieving seemingly insurmountable goals. Rachel’s story proves that where there is ingenuity and passion, amazing things can happen.

Awards include: Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Manufacturing & Industry; National League of American Cyclists - SILVER Bicycle Friendly Business; SustainPHL - Nominee for Business Innovation of the Year; Drexel University Baiada Entrepreneur Institute - 2nd Place Business Plan & Pitch Winner; Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs - 1st Place Pitch Competition Winner

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet..............Steve Fenster............Room 207

Steve Fenster is a systems engineer by trade and volunteers as the Vice President of Operations for the Vegetarian Society of South Jersey (VSSJ). He started on the path toward adopting a plant-based diet almost 20 years ago, and speaks to hundreds of people annually on this topic.

Steve Fenster is a systems engineer by trade and volunteers as the Vice President of Operations for the Vegetarian Society of South Jersey (VSSJ). He started on the path toward adopting a plant-based diet almost 20 years ago, and speaks to hundreds of people annually on this topic.

UFOlogy.....................Dr UFO......................Room 208

Pat (Dr. UFO) Marcatillio, a life-long resident of Trenton/Hamilton, NJ, has been interested in astronomy since childhood and began researching UFOs in 1955, when a neighbor gave him a book to read. That book was the start of what would become “the worlds 'largest' library of UFO books and videos.”

In 1984, Pat started to hold monthly meetings at the Hamilton Township Free Library to enhance public knowledge about UFOs and ETs. He has also organized over 60 conferences on the subject since 1989. These efforts led to over a dozen TV show interviews including: TKR-TV, NJN-TV NEWS, and BBC. Pat has also been featured in print over 50 times, in articles in The Times, The Washington Post, The Trentonian, The Princeton Packet, and The Philadelphia Enquirer.

Pat will give a brief history of UFOs and offer physical evidence of their existence in our world, including video excerpts of UFO footage. Pat’s research has shown that UFOs have been detected by radar, collided with airplanes, and abducted people. He will also share information on benevolent contact from ETs, discuss their world and living conditions and their philosophy of helping mankind achieve 'ONENESS'.

The SS Titanic................Jim Poserina....................Room 209

Jim Poserina is an 18-year member of Central New Jersey Mensa and a lifelong history buff. In 2017 he and a partner had a perfect game on the Discovery show "Cash Cab" with celebrity guest teammate, Jeff Garlin. During the day he's a computer programmer at Rutgers University.

We describe history's most famous shipwreck as a tragedy, a human drama, a microcosm of society, the symbolic end of the Gilded Age and the Edwardian Era, a rebuke against man's faith in technology, or simply a very big ship that hit an iceberg and sank. But first and foremost, it was a transportation accident, made possible only if a long series of events all went wrong. This presentation will cover the Titanic story, from the reasons it was constructed, to the causes of the accident and the intrigue surrounding its discovery. The latest theories will be discussed and myths dispelled.

Craft Break and........Andrea Gallini Giarnieri.......Room 210
Andrea Gallini Giarnieri is not only our registrar, she’s crafty. No, not THAT way… She has presided over Snowball’s drop-in craft break for a number of years, and it seems to keep growing and expanding its territory—hence the “. . .” part. Bring your projects, one & all! You can come and go at any time.
4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017: Been there - done that!..................Dr. Harry Ringermacher.....................Room 206

Last year I warned you to prepare for the 2017 American Total Eclipse. I actually did and went to St. Louis, MO to experience and photograph it. I will share that experience with fantasic eclipse photos to boot!

Dr. Ringermacher is a retired Sr. Research Physicist from the General Electric Global Research Center. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Washington University in St. Louis. He is now associated with the University of Southern Mississippi as an Adjunct Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Ringermacher has published in the fields of General Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmology in peer-reviewed journals. He is the Chairman of the American Mensa Copper Black Creativity Award Committee and is the only Mensan to win the Copper Black Award twice.

Humor the Secret to Growing Older Gracefully..................George Scherer......................Room 208
Getting Older, it happens to all of us and there is nothing we can do about it. The alternative to not getting older is one that most of us would probably like to put off for a while. Although we may not find getting older a laughing matter we can still learn how to harness the benefits of humor and laughter to help us age gracefully. You don’t need an AARP membership card to enjoy this presentation but if you do have one don’t forget to ask for your discount.
Advanced Photo Techniques for Beginners..................Mitchell Speert...................Room 209

Mitch will share tips for using composition ideas such as "Rule of Thirds" and "Leading Lines" to create better images, regardless of the type of device - dSLR, Point-and-Shoot, iPhone, etc.

Despite some OCD tendencies which have allowed him to excel at fantasy football, Mitch is still illiterate in over 6,500 languages. He is also a fine art photographer, drag racer, middling metal detectorist, and volunteers at numerous events.

Dance Class..................Don Jacobs...................Room 210

You keep saying "I can't dance. I've got two left feet and no rhythm". Well we've got the cure - a dance session with Don Jacobs. He himself is a recovering LFAA and knows the pitfalls of developing separate left and right feet and compensating for a defective rhythm gene. Yes you too can look totally confident on the dance floor in only one easy lesson (or maybe two). This is usually a packed session so come early and get a good spot on the floor. Oh, and no partners required.

Don's credits include performances on A&E, PBS, QVC and AMC. He's also performed at Lincoln Center, as well as in the grand ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria and the Rainbow Room. Besides performing, Don teaches private and group classes in New York, as well as on cruise ships and at conventions.

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Keynote: Exploring New Jersey Climate Variability and Change...........Dr. David Robinson, New Jersey State Climatologist..........Ballroom (first floor)

Dr. David A. Robinson is a Professor of Geography at Rutgers University and New Jersey’s State Climatologist. He has expertise in the collection and archiving of accurate climatic data, and is interested in climate change (particularly state and regional climate issues), hemispheric and regional snow cover dynamics, and interactions of snow cover with other climate elements. As state climatologist, he works with a wide array of user communities who require climatological expertise to solve problems. He oversees the Rutgers New Jersey Weather Network, a constellation of over 60 stations that observe a variety of variables every five minutes, sits on numerous state committees and provides public education through presentations and media interviews. Robinson recently was a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, is past president of the American Association of State Climatologists, and is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. He recently received the Lifetime Achievement award of the American Association of Geographers.

Within the past decade, New Jersey has experienced its wettest and warmest years in over a century of observations. Extreme events of late, including Sandy, Irene, and a number of hot summers, suggest that something is happening to NJ’s climate regime. Natural variations alone cannot account for these NJ (and global) anomalies. Human influences on climate are significant, prompting discussion as to how society might mitigate or develop greater resiliency to increasing climate change. This presentation will explore the physical dimensions of the issue, both short and long term. It will also provide information on how interested individuals can contribute to the monitoring of weather/climate conditions in the local region by participating in the Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow Network and how they may follow current weather conditions via the Rutgers New Jersey Weather Network.

9:00 PM - Midnight
Gala Dance Party: The Snow Ball @ Snowball.........................Room 210
Welcome to our enchanted snow-themed Gala Dance Party. Ms are as unique as snowflakes, and we look forward to seeing your individuality on full display - Enjoy the music and dance the night away!
10:00 PM - 11:20 PM
12th Annual CNJ Mensa Snowball Spelling Bee (and New Lexical Adventures!)..............Robert Witheridge and Theo Lambros...............Room 207
Beekeepers Robert Witheridge and Theo Lambros invite you to swarm on over to the 12th Annual CNJ Mensa Snowball Spelling Bee. Do you have what it takes to be named the Queen or King Bee? A diverse assortment of rounds and words will be presented for the apian enjoyment of all. If you always have the last word—let’s prove it!
Poetry (18+).............Jai Simone (Jasmine Leake).................Room 208

What does sexy mean to you? Poet and Sexual Empowerment Coach Jai Simone will share some knowledge that will make you more irresistible. In this presentation we will discuss what is “normal” in sexual response and activity, adult toys and cinema, fetishes, erotic poetry and other interesting topics. Let me show you some steps to find your authentic sexual self and create a more satisfying romantic and erotic life.

Sunday, March 4, 2018
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Multimedia Swap Set-up...............Diane Smith................Room 209

Bring your items to Diane, arbiter of all things swap-worthy, before 10:00—if SHE says it’s too old, out-of-date, incomplete and so on, you get to bring it home with you. If your items pass muster, you’ll get a ticket for each item to use to get another gently-used something when the Swap opens. At 10:00 you can trade your ticket in for that book (game, what-have-you) you’ve had your eye on. Once the ticketed customers have their shot, the rest of the crowd can have a go. Remember: judgments of the Swapmeister are arbitrary, capricious, and final.

In a change from past years, once you are in the room to drop off items, you will not be asked to leave and stand in line. You will still only be able to take one item at a time and turn in your ticket before going back for another.

NOTE: Please remember that NO “X” rated items will be accepted.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Multimedia Swap...............Diane Smith...............Room 209
Now’s your chance—pay attention to the Swapmeister! In a change from past years, once you are in the room to drop off items, you will not be asked to leave and stand in line. You will still only be able to take one item at a time and turn in your ticket before going back for another.
11:00 AM - Noon
Hail and Farewell..............Erin R., and Josh Fishkind............Room 206
Winners are acknowledged, thank-yous are proffered, announcements are made. The only thing left to do now is register (cheap) for Snowball XLV, say goodbye to your cronies, and safe home! See you next year!

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