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Friday, March 3, 2017
6:30 PM - 8:20 PM
Midi Music Concert...........................Steve Winikoff...........................Room 209
Steven will give a musical performance on the EWI, a wind based synthesizer.
7:30 PM - 8:50 PM
Dancing Don is All Keyed Up......Don Jacobs.......Room 206

Bio: Don started doing locksmithing in 1970 in New York and has practiced it on and off over the years. He’s also licensed and taught the subject for Local 74 of the SEIU from 1986 through 2008 (22 years). For those of you who have attended Snowball from before 2008 you may have notice that Don was never around during Saturday mornings and afternoons. That’s because he sped into the city and back to teach a 6-hour class.

Synopsis: You read it right. Don has taught a number of subjects over the years, not just dancing. One of the other subjects he’s taught is locksmithing. At this event he will discuss the different types of locks, cylinders and keys, what make keys work/not work and master keying. As time allows we also discuss pick proof cylinders, drilling, wrenching and of course picking cylinders. No you won’t be an expert when the session is done, but at least you won’t be in the dark about what’s the best choice. Dancing will not be required at this session.

Monster Trivia...........John Devoti......................Room 208
For the thirty-second consecutive year, trivia maven and erstwhile CNJM member (now of Florida) Don Richmond presents us with a fiendish challenge. Teams of two will work together to find the answer to fifty diabolical questions. In most years, simply scoring in the thirties was enough to win. Come see if you can do better. It will be presided over by John Devoti.
8:30 PM – 10:20 PM
Music for Mensans...........Don Slepian............Room 209
As he has for so many years at Snowball, Don will be presenting his music for the evening, on the keyboard instrument he has created. He has many moods and modes to show off and you, his audience, always enjoy interacting with him and his music.
9:30 PM - 11:20 PM
What do Witches Do? ................Debby Morris.................Room 208

Bio: Debby Morris is a member of Metropolitan Washington Mensa since 1992, she is an ordained Circle Sanctuary Minister. In mundane life, she is a Biomedical Engineering Technician at the Washington DC VA Medical Center. She lives in Germantown, MD with her wife, Suzanne, son Sean, and 4 pesky dogs.

Synopsis: "Wicca" comes from the Middle English word "Wicce" which means "to bend". In this workshop, you'll get to ask questions about Witchcraft and Magic, learn about other aspects of Neo-Paganism, and participate in a real Wiccan ritual with Reverend Tristan Wolfheart who is an ordained Wiccan Minister and has been practicing Wicca for over 30 years.

10:00 PM - ???
Werewolves of Ziggy Hollow...............Bill Zigo................Room 206

Bio: Bill is a Mensan and gamer from New York.

Synopsis: Werewolves is a social interaction game where the players are villagers, some of whom have been infected with lycanthropy. At night the werewolves eliminate a villager, and the next morning the remaining villagers lynch one of their own hoping it's a werewolf. Villagers with special powers add complexity to the game. Play begins when we have a quorum.

10:30 PM - ???
Karaoke Icebreaker..................Jay Respler & Helene Herman............................Room 209
Mix & mingle and start your Snowball off right. No one can help you smash that ice better than Jay and Helene…they have been getting folks loosened up and involved at many Snowballs. G’wan—they make it easy!
Saturday, March 4, 2017
7:55 AM
Wake-Up Walk...........Roger Herz............Hospitality
Join Roger Herz on a morning meander. Bring smile and sarcastic wit. Wordplay encouraged; puns permitted. Trombones and tubas discouraged. Wear at least one shoe. If weather inclement, not to worry, will do interior, with interim 14 seconds outside for permanent record cards/bragging rights.
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Mensa Test..............Douglas Mayo...................Room 207
Each year we run a Mensa intelligence test at Snowball. If you know people who may be interested, tell them to get down here. The tests take about two hours. Candidates should arrive by 8:45 AM. Bring a photo ID and two pencils. Testing fee is $40.00.
9:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Japan Ancient and Modern ...........Robin Marion............Room 206

Bio: Robin is a retired system designer for a major insurance company and loves to travel to out-of-the-way places.

Synopsis: Japan has a long and fascinating history. Settlements go back 12,000 years and amazing pottery was produced 5000 years ago. It is the country of Shinto nature-worship, Zen gardens, the god-emperor and the Samurai; of huge statues of the Buddha and miniature trees. Although it is a modern country at the cutting edge of technology, the culture is much different from our own. Learn more about it through a slide presentation, in costume, by our intrepid traveler, Robin Marion, a retired data processing professional with interests in archaeology and foreign cultures.

Finding Your History From Within: Making Sense of DNA Testing And Its Place In Genealogy..............Mitch Speert...................Room 208

Bio: Despite some OCD tendencies which have allowed him to excel at fantasy football, Mitch is still illiterate in over 6,500 languages. Not content to just rest on his laurels or his butt he is also an exhibiting fine art photographer, an accomplished drag racer, a middling metal detectorist, and a volunteer at numerous events throughout the year (Steampunk World's Fair, Mensa Snowball, Morristown Book Festival, etc.). And every once in a while, when the bug hits, he’ll step in front of the camera again for the occasional acting gig. For those wondering… yes, he’s only 1 degree from Kevin Bacon (HBO's Taking Chance).

Synopsis: Did you know that siblings from the exact same set of parents don’t inherit the exact same DNA? And you might not share any of the same DNA from a 4x great-grandparent but still be a direct descendant. Even so, DNA testing can still be a very useful tool to help anyone understand their heritage and aid them in uncovering unknown branches in their family tree. Learn how DNA testing and some simple research tricks can help you unlock the secrets of your own past.

Internet Security.................Curry Bartlett..............Room 209

10:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Natural New Jersey – Through the Seasons.................Joan Mysiak..................Room 206

Synopsis: Last year she covered “The Houses of New Jersey” (note, still NJ). This year she has returned to her ongoing theme of “Natural NJ”, but with a different focus: “Through the Seasons” You’ll learn when you can see the various plants, animals and events in the state. She has also solicited phots from her fellow Mensans which may be included include in the talk. Does she have yours?

A Celebration of Coffee.............Java Joe Haber...........Room 208

Bio: Java Joe has been a consumer of coffee for over 45 years, a connoisseur for over 30 years and a roaster of his own coffee for 15 years. Joe has become enthralled with coffee history and arcana.

Synopsis: This presentation provides a window into the world of coffee from its humble beginnings to today’s worldwide coffee industry. Starting with a brief history of coffee and ending with home roasting of green coffee beans, He will also discuss the tasting, buying, and brewing of coffee. Whether you’re an avid coffee lover like Joe, or you’re just curious, you’ll gain a greater appreciation of this fabulous beverage.

Mensans, you’re smart. Why aren’t you rich?..................Landon McDonald...............Room 209

Bio: Landon B. McDonald joined Mensa in 1982. He’s a life member. MBA (Rutgers: investments & finance). Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Happily married & happily retired. Career included: investment research as an equity securities “analyst,” hedge fund founder & manager; financial planning (personal, corporate, & retirement) and helping others invest wisely for retirement. Career related: Landon still invests for and advises family & friends (pro bono). In 1996, he began looking for ways to strengthen Social Security. In April 1998, FORVUM published his Social Security Millionaires. Snowball presentations included: Social Security: You Could Be a Millionaire. Why Aren't You? (1999); $upercharged $ocial $ecurity (2016) showed how easily ☞YOU☜ could have been on the road to becoming a “Social Security Millionaire.”

Synopsis: Have you worked hard for your money? Money should work hard for YOU. Landon will show you how. Hard working money can improve your finances and help provide a comfortable retirement. Spoiler alert! If Landon’s parents (or Social Security) had invested $900 for him at his birth (the cost of a low-end new car), they could have created a million-dollar nest egg for him by age 55. But stalling six years would have halved that growth. See how investing wisely & early for youngsters using “the best-kept secrets of Wall Street and Washington” could save them from the financial distress millions of retirees now face. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. But by following Landon’s advice, “the best-kept secrets” could make YOU richer. See how he invests for his grandchildren, family accounts and himself. Learn how his simple strategy using stock-market index investments will outperform most investment pros – with virtually ZERO risk! And how to avoid mistakes that produce poor investment results for so many investors.

11:30 AM
Mensa Culture Fair Test...........Douglas Mayo.............Room 207
This is an untimed, non-verbal test. If you know people who may be interested, tell them to get down here. The tests take between one and a half and three hours. Candidates should arrive by 11:15 AM. Bring a photo ID and two pencils. Testing fee is $40.00.
1:00 PM - 2:20 PM
Lead My Way, a Global Perspective of Domestic Violence .....................Ritu Chopra..........Room 206

Bio: Ritu Chopra is an author, TV show producer, and an award-winning Film Producer. She is Founder of Lead My Way, a Not-for-Profit dedicated to helping domestic violence victims for their personal enrichment, and promoting awareness among young men and women about the far reaching impact of domestic violence. Ritu has spent 20 years with Fortune 500 companies as an IT Consultant and enjoys her work in giving back to community.

Synopsis: Ritu’s Award winning documentary will be shown during the presention. It examines the far reaching and long lasting effects that domestic violence leaves. It dispels any myth that a black eye or a faint bruise tells the complete story. Fueled by silence, shame, and stigma, the effects of domestic violence continue far after the abuser and victims have separated. Far too little attention is given to this issue leading to a lack of awareness on the subject. This documentary hopes to change that by providing a resource for everyone helping domestic violence victims in one way or another and by educating them on the lasting damage of physical, emotional, verbal or sexual violence and how it can be prevented.

The Historic Cranbury Inn – 1750 to the Present.........................Gay Ingegneri.........Room 208

Bio: Gay Ingenieri and her husband Tom are the current owners of the Cranbury Inn. They consider themselves to be ‘stewards’ and believe that the Cranbury Inn really belongs to ‘the People.’

Synopsis: The Cranbury Inn has been designated as the oldest continuously operating restaurant in New Jersey and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. According to Gay, the Cranbury Inn is truly a “Gem in the Crown of New Jersey.” The Cranbury Inn played a role during the American Revolution. There is evidence that it was a stop along the “Underground Railroad.” Over the years the Cranbury Inn has had many famous visitors and is rumored to have several ghosts in residence, both human and animal.

The Ten Courtesy Rules of Blindness.........................Joe Ruffalo / New Jersey Federation of the Blind........Room 209

Bio: Joe Ruffalo, President of the National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey became involved in the blindness community when members in the organization believed in him before he believed in himself. Joe is an active member in the community, provides advocacy and believes that raising expectations for blind people to live the life we want and to transform our dreams into reality are the goals, purposes and objectives of the organization.

Synopsis: My personal ADA, anger, denial and acceptance that lead me to my success.

5th Annual Operation Happy Sock ......Nick...............Room 210

We’re continuing to honor beloved Snowball Hospitality organizer with our outpost of “Operation Happy Sock.” As many folks know, Shirley Connell was also devoted to animal rescue, especially cats. Thankfully it has become an annual event. People will be making toys for shelter cats with used socks, stuffing (fiberfill) and catnip. There will be 3 categories of people: those who brought socks and want to make the toys, those who just want to drop off socks and those who want to make toys with others' socks. We will supply the stuffing and catnip. We will have a box at registration for those that want to drop off socks.


2:30 PM - 3:50 PM
Hypnosis and Reaching Your Full Potential........................James Malone.................Room 206

Bio: James Malone has been professional hypnotist since 1995, when he was first certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest organization of its kind. He sees clients on a one to one basis at his office in Point Pleasant Beach for a variety of habit change and stress relief issues. He also frequently leads small group programs for self-improvement in various healthcare and academic settings.

Synopsis: Many people wish to tap more deeply into their full potential and hypnosis is one tool that can help you with that. James Malone, a hypnosis practitioner for over 20 years will be sharing little known secrets about hypnosis, the subconscious mind and ways to better yourself. The program will include interesting interactive experiences for all wish to participate.

Election Meet and Greet for Candidates......Candidates.....................Room 207

Synopsis: Meet some of the candidates asking for your vote in March.

A Stroll through Roebling.....................John Devoti......................Room 208

Roebling New Jersey was a company town built for John A Roebling Sons Wire Rope company in 1905. Although the plant is gone, the town is still here, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Today we will travel on a virtual tour of the village, giving you an idea what it was like to live and work here.

Ether Music and Espionage – The History of the World’s First Electronic Instrument: The Theremin................Mano Divina / The Divine Hand....................Room 209

Bio: Mano Divina is a professional concert Thereminist who performs Classical and Sacred music with his 8 piece string ensemble. The Theremin is the world’s 1st electronic musical instrument ever invented and remains the only instrument that you play without touching. Mano Divina bends electricity with his hands to release the sound of singing angels at his fingertips all while being backed by his heavenly harps and a violin section. Watch him as he literally pulls beautiful music out of thin air. Mano Divina and his entire ensemble are all from Philadelphia, USA. They have performed for the Pope, the Mayor of Philadelphia , the City Council , 2 Embassies , the Royal Family Of Serbia , DIA , cast members from David Lynch’s films and many others. They were recently given a citation and an award from the City of Philadelphia for their concert performances and charity shows for sisters, priests and local churches. Mano Divina is the 1st person ever to receive both Tesla awards ( given in Jan. 2015 at the New Yorker Hotel ). Mano Divina is also part of the education boards for the Tesla Science Foundation, S.T.E.A.M. and the Franklin Institute.

Synopsis: Covering the history of the Theremin, theworld’s 1st electronic instrument and the only instrument you play withouttouching. I will be covering itsunique history from Mach’s mechanical theories - through Tesla’s wireless TQ and into the instruments history with espionage, WW2, the CIA , ScienceFiction sound effects and its full circle return to music within its 100 year existence.

Craft Break and........Andrea Gallini Giarnieri.......Room 210
Andrea Gallini Giarnieri is not only our registrar, she’s crafty. No, not THAT way… She has presided over Snowball’s drop-in craft break for a number of years, and it seems to keep growing and expanding its territory—hence the “. . .” part. Bring your projects, one & all! You can come and go at any time.
4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
The Current State of Heath Care and Health Insurance.........................Deb Stone.................Room 206

Bio: Deb is an almost 33 year member of Mensa, and a Life Member. Over the course of these years, Deb has held positions including Proctor and Proctor Coordinator, SIGHT Coordinator, Treasurer, Scholarship Chair, Assistant LocSec, LocSec and a few others. She has helped run over 30 RGs as well as 3 AGs. She was RVC1 in 1999, has served on national committees over the years and has been Chair of AML since July 2015. In her non-M life, Deb is a consultant (in actuarial, risk management & business) and involved in real estate investment and sales. In addition to volunteering in Mensa, Deb is very active in United Way and also does adult tutoring.

Synopsis: Have you wondered about health insurance reform and health care reform? What they are, what the differences are and where they may be going? Have you wondered what is happening in the federal health care arena under our new administration? Come join the discussion and bring your questions with you. Answers are subject to change based on the whims of our federal government, but I'll do the best I can! Questions related to other types of insurance are also fair game.

Any President but Donald Trump..........Ian Strock..................Room 207

Bio: Presidential historian Ian Randal Strock (www.IanRandalStrock.com) is the author of “The Presidential Book of Lists” Random House / Villard, 2008), “Ranking the First Ladies” (Carrel Books, 2016), and “Ranking the Vice Presidents” (Carrel Books, 2016). He is also a science fiction writer, editor, and the publisher / owner of Gray Rabbit Publications / Fantastic Books (www.FantasticBooks.biz). And he is the incoming RVC of Region 1.

Synopsis: When writing “The Presidential Book of Lists,” Ian Randal Strock calculated the “average President” and the extremes. But the election of Donald Trump apparently broke the mold… or did it? While it’s true that President Trump is very far from the average set out by his 43 predecessors, in many respects he may not be as unique as you might think. This look at how Donald Trump compares to other 43 men we’ve called President will be non-partisan, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see the Presidents in a new light, or have some of your preconceived notions confirmed.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper…the closer we get to the end the faster it goes...............George Scherer.........................Room 208

Synopsis: “Age is just a number,” “I’m not getting older, I’m getting better,” “How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?” Is there any truth in these sayings? Find the answers and much more as you laugh and learn about what’s funny about getting older. If you want to feel younger, look younger, and act younger, and you’re over 39, this session is a must.

GenY Meet and Greet...............Henri Schraeder......................Room 210

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Keynote: Holography: Three Dimensional Laser Imaging .............Frank DeFreitas........Ballroom (first floor)

Bio: Frank DeFreitas saw his first laser and hologram in 1968, and designed and hand-built his laser holography lab in 1983. Since that time he has provided world-class programs and services to both educational and corporate entities ... many of them in the PA and NJ areas. After a life-time known as "Holo-Man", he is now retired in 2017. He maintains an archives of over 20,000 historical pieces related to the history of lasers and holography.

Synopsis: It has been 50+ years since the invention of the LASER and the creation of the first three dimensional laser hologram. In this presentation we'll look at the 3D technologies that brought us to where we are today: from the 19th century invention of stereo photography and the stereoscope, to 21st century laser holographic renderings of 3D printed objects. You'll learn exactly what holograms are, and how they are made in the modern optics laboratory. And don't stay in your seat ... there will be many items on exhibit for your enjoyment. Don't miss it!

9:00 PM - Midnight
Gala Dance Party.........................Room 210
10:00 PM - ???
Werewolves of Ziggy Hollow...............Bill Zigo................Room 206
Werewolves is a social interaction game where the players are villagers, some of whom have been infected with lycanthropy. At night the werewolves eliminate a villager, and the next morning the remaining villagers lynch one of their own hoping it's a werewolf. Villagers with special powers add complexity to the game. Play begins when we have a quorum.
11th Annual CNJ Mensa Snowball Spelling Bee..............Robert Witheridge and Theo Lambros...............Room 207
Intimacy Quotient.............Jai Simone (Jasmine Leake).................Room 208

Synopsis: What does sexy mean to you? Poet and Sexual Empowerment Coach Jai Simone will share some knowledge that will make you more irresistible. In this presentation we will discuss what is “normal” in sexual response and activity, adult toys and cinema, fetishes, erotic poetry and other interesting topics. Let me show you some steps to find your authentic sexual self and create a more satisfying romantic and erotic life.

Sunday, March 5, 2017
7:55 AM
Wake-Up Walk...........Roger Herz............Hospitality
Join Roger Herz on a morning meander. Bring smile and sarcastic wit. Wordplay encouraged; puns permitted. Trombones and tubas discouraged. Wear at least one shoe. If weather inclement, not to worry, will do interior, with interim 14 seconds outside for permanent record cards/bragging rights.
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Multimedia Swap Set-up...............Diane Smith and Nate Smith................Room 209

Bring your items to Diane and Nate, arbiter of all things swap-worthy, before 10:00—if THEY say it’s too old, out-of-date, incomplete and so on, you get to bring it home with you. If your items pass muster, you’ll get a ticket for each item to use to get another gently-used something when the Swap opens. At 10:00 you can trade your ticket in for that book (game, what-have-you) you’ve had your eye on. Once the ticketed customers have their shot, the rest of the crowd can have a go. Remember: judgments of the Swapmeisters are arbitrary, capricious, and final.

In a change from past years, once you are in the room to drop off items, you will not be asked to leave and stand in line. You will still only be able to take one item at a time and turn in your ticket before going back for another.

NOTE: Please remember that NO “X” rated items will be accepted.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Multimedia Swap...............Diane Smith and Nate Smith...............Room 209
Now’s your chance—pay attention to the Swapmeisters!
11:00 AM - Noon
Hail and Farewell..............Erin R. and Caroline Bruno............Room 206
Winners are acknowledged, thank-yous are proffered, announcements are made. The only thing left to do now is register (cheap) for Snowball XLIV, say goodbye to your cronies, and safe home! See you next year!

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